November 12th, 2019

When it finally comes time to improve your home, you may want to consider adding an extra room or two so that you can increase your square footage. With assistance from the best home addition contractors in Cleveland OK, you’ll be able to develop a plan that will bring your house into the modern era. As qualified experts, we’ll help you settle on an action blueprint that works for your budget.

Many families choose to add a garage to the back of the house so that they have a place to store their cars during the night. Garages are also useful rooms in which to hang power tools or store other lawn-care machines that you’ll use during the summer. A new garage ensures that all of your prized possessions are more secure.

You’ll want to work with your contractor to determine the exact dimensions of your new addition. During this part of the process, you can choose fixtures and lighting options so that the general decorative scheme fits well with the rest of the home. Modern lighting fixtures will generally use less energy and save you money going forward.

You can also make smaller additions to your home that will fit your budget. Adding a second or third bathroom to the house will not require a lot of space, but it will help you improve the overall utility of your house. Even moderately sized bathrooms can increase your home’s value quite a bit.

As the originator of the addition, you can ask us to make interesting design tweaks that will work well for you or your family. Large bay windows, for example, will let in more light than traditional house windows. Consider the placement of doors and windows at the outset so that you are happy with the end design before the construction process begins.

As contractors, we can also assist you in choosing paint colors or wallpaper patterns for the addition. The goal is to choose tones that will make an easy transition with the rest of the house. Bright colors will work if they mesh well with the other rooms, but more subdued colors are usually recommended for a more traditional style and taste.

You will ultimately want to choose the best contractor in the business to help you with your additions. We can draw up a plan and stick to it throughout the process. You’ll be pleased with the increased space at the end of the project.