March 19th, 2020

Our comprehensive construction delivery approach provides building investors with a single contact point for both the construction and design phases of development. A single entity holds the sole responsibility for every aspect of the project. This includes assessments, estimation, and pre-construction, among many other elements. To implement your desired design-build contractors in Cleveland OK, therefore, manage all the contracts with other firms, including equipment vendors and material providers.

Our skilled approach offers unique benefits that other construction tactics fail to deliver. This includes rapid delivery since the design and construction happens concurrently. The single selection phase helps in turning impossible time-frames into reality, unlike other methods which are generally associated with a lot of hiccups and time wastage.

Time and again, this approach has always equated to headache elimination, team collaboration, and owners being pleased. Single source responsibilities afforded by designs and building professionals mean there will be no conflicting recommendations from architects and contractors. Instead, one unit takes accountability for all construction and also design elements, creating a smooth experience for owners.

The approach also reduces the construction expenditure for owners due to its effectiveness. This might be a surprise, keeping in mind that this approach lacks hard-dollar bid phases which general contracting affords. However, building smart with this method pays dividends, thus reducing both real and opportunity costs. Due to flexibility, the project becomes easy to complete, thus eliminating scheduled delays and unforeseen expenses.

At Armbruster Construction, we have the best portfolio for different projects similar to what you want. We have partnered with different engineers, architects and construction professionals from different regions to create a team that perfectly suits the unique demands from our clients. Our contractors have gained respect over the years in the construction industry. We pride themselves in creating environments that inspire and motivate, not forgetting the ingenuity in solving different problems.